What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine offers time tested remedies to treat various conditions. It consists mostly of natural herbal plants and mineral substances. Each herb has its own nature and specific functions which affect particular organs or meridians. A Chinese herbal formula usually composes several to many herbs to work synergistically. The balance and interaction of all ingredients in a Chinese herbal formula are careful monitored. The herbal combination strictly follows TCM theory to minimize side effects or toxicity and to maximize the curative effects of the herbs. The herbal formula is tailored for each individual and his specific pattern of disharmony. It seeks primarily to correct internal imbalances of the patient rather than to treat symptoms alone, and therapeutic intervention is designed to encourage the self-healing process. The herbal formula can be prescribed for both internal and external use.

Today, traditional Chinese herbal medicine is supported by laboratories with high standards of quality control. Each ingredient is tested for heavy metals, biological contamination, pesticides and authenticity.