What is Cupping?

Cupping is a therapeutic modality of TCM used to treat and prevent disease.  This therapy uses jars which are attached to the skin surface through vacuum pressure, causing a local congestion.  This form of stimulation warms and promotes the circulation of energy and blood, expels pathogens, detoxifies the body, and disperses swelling & pain. 

Cupping can be used to treat such diseases as trauma, arthritis, digestive disorders, headache, the common cold, cough, back ache, Bell's palsy, and more.  Cupping can also be used to drain pus from abscesses, and often be used with a bloodletting technique to relieve pain from acute sprains and bruises, solve skin problems, etc.  

Cupping gives tissue a superb massage. Sometimes, the cups may be moved to provide an extensive form of massage and skin stimulation.