Food and Lifestyle Modification

Scientists have known for years that the most troublesome health problems plaguing Westerners -- heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer of the breast, colon and prostate -- are far less common in China. For every 5 American women who die of heart trouble, only one Chinese woman suffers the same fate. The disease kills 17 times more middle-aged men in United States than in China. And China has the lowest rate of breast cancer in the world.

The difference is not just a matter of having the right genes. Studies tracking Chinese born in the United States, whose diet has changed to western style, find they wind up with about the same health risks Americans face. In recent years, scientists have found that some classic Chinese food and spices are loaded with chemicals that fight disease. The following are some examples of the latest findings:

Dietary Therapy helps to ensure that the specific energies from the foods you are eating work in harmony with the specific overall treatment plan that your TCM practitioner has given you