What is TCM diagnosis?

A TCM diagnosis is based on information collection and data analysis.

TCM process of information collection consists of Four Clinical Examinations:

*        Observation: appearance of complexion, eyes, tongue, nails, hair, skin, gait, stature and affect

*        Sound & Smell: sound of voice, breath, vomit and cough; odor of breath, skin and secretion.

*        Interview: history of current complaints and related factors, patterns of sleep, appetite, digestion, bowel movement, urine, perspiration, pain, emotional features, life style features and gynecological features, health history and family health history.

*        Touch: palpation of the body to discover body temperature, body moisture, tenderness, swelling, phyma or tumor; taking the pulse in different locations.

Through analysis and evaluation of a patientfs health history, a TCM doctor can identify the nature, location, and the cause of a disease or injury.